Thermal Applications

The requirements for the thermal insulation of buildings in England and Wales were revised with effect from April 2006. For new dwellings these are set out in Approved Document L1A. In Scotland the requirements are detailed in Section 6 of the Technical Handbook which came into force in May 2007. These revisions have focussed attention on the methods of insulating ground floors, concentrating particularly on energy efficiency, performance and the need for easy integration with the structure.

The Danskin Thermal Saddle System
Danskin have adapted their successful Acoustic Saddle Flooring System to provide an easy way to install a level, thermally insulated floating floor on uneven subfloors without the need for levelling screeds. The system is suitable for installation above suspended beam & block and precast plank floors or on upper floors with an exposed soffit. It is also suitable for use on a cast in situ concrete ground floor provided a suitable DPM and vapour control layer are installed.


Eliminate the levelling screed
Suspended beam and block and precast plank floors are generally uneven and would normally require the application of a levelling screed before laying insulation. Danskin`s patented packing system means that uneven floors can be levelled quickly and easily without delay, reducing the incidence of creaking floors.

Superior Performance
The Danskin Thermal Saddle System can provide U Values as low as 0.19 W/m2K depending on the subfloor construction, the insulation and the perimeter/area ratio. This design flexibility is invaluable when trying to achieve Target Emission Rates.

Continuity of insulation
For energy efficient performance it is essential that gaps in the insulation are avoided, particularly at the perimeter of the floor. A perimeter insulating trim is supplied which insulates the perimeter while a foam upstand on the trim ensures that an expansion gap is maintained for the chipboard. This design permits the use of Accredited Details at the perimeter of the floor. Danskin have developed an innovative new saddle style so that insulation boards do not have to be shaped. The saddles and packers carry the insulation boards for quick installation and the insulation is supplied precut to suit standard batten centres.

Minimal Floor Height
As the insulation is carried within the floor the Danskin Thermal Saddle System can save over 30mm in height when compared to a 65mm screed laid upon an equivalent thickness of insulation. Significant weight savings are also achieved.

Environmentally Friendly
The resilient layer on Danskin Saddles is recycled and has no Ozone Depletion Potential or Global Warming Potential. When installed on a beam and block ground floor and incorporating a plywood deck the floor achieves an A rating according to the BRE Green Guide to Housing Specification (2000 Edition).

Underfloor Heating Integration
Companies such as OSMA and Nu-Heat manufacture rigid insulation panels incorporating underfloor heating systems which can be easily integrated with the Danskin Thermal Saddle System in place of standard insulation panels.

Robust Details Compliance
The system can be used as an FFT2 product on separating floors or as a floating floor on ground floor raft foundations with an appropriate wall detail.

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