Danskin Reflex Bearers

An extensive process of research and development over many years has enabled Danskin to produce an innovative flooring bearer with an exceptional level of acoustic performance. The Danskin Reflex Bearer can be used on level timber or lightweight steel joist constructions and on concrete subfloors in new build and refurbishment applications.

Innovative Design
The Danskin Reflex Bearer incorporates a unique double-density resilient fibre layer which provides a high degree of impact sound reduction. This polymer-based, man made fibre layer eliminates the need to use an acoustic quilt beneath the bearer, speeding up installation times and avoiding the handling problems associated with mineral wool.

In the past, effective impact sound reduction was achieved by combining a soft flexible material (such as quilt or open cell foam) which could provide vertical deflection with a second more rigid protective layer (such as closed cell foam). These separate materials were then placed on top of each other or glued together. In an innovative patented design Danskin have achieved the combined function of these two separate elements in one resilient layer. By an ingenious manufacturing process the top half of the fibre is produced to a high density while the bottom half is made to a lower, softer density. This “double density” resilient layer has excellent impact and airborne sound reduction properties.

Compliance with Building Regulations
The sound insulation of party floors is a necessary requirement of the Building Regulations. Methods of satisfying the Regulations are set out in Approved Document E in England and Wales, Section 5 of the Technical Handbook in Scotland and Technical Booklet G in Northern Ireland. In addition the construction of Robust Details can provide a method of compliance in Scotland, England and Wales.

The Danskin Reflex Bearer contributes significantly to the reduction of impact and airborne sound through party floors. When used with appropriate structural floor and ceiling constructions it has been independently demonstrated to meet the performance standards of the Building Regulations in Scotland, Northern Ireland, England and Wales. In addition it has been approved for use as an FFT1 and FFT3 bearer in many Robust Detail constructions.

Laboratory values for Danskin Reflex Bearers are stated in Table 1. Please refer to specific Danskin Performance Data Sheets for site test information on the Danskin Reflex Bearer with different structural floor and ceiling combinations. Danskin also provide a Specification Questionnaire which can help ensure that, where available, appropriate test certification can be provided.


  • Approved FFT1 and FFT3 bearer in many Robust Detail Constructions
  • Approved for new Scottish Type 2 and 3B Guidance Constructions
  • Exceptional impact sound reduction in party floors
  • Can eliminate wet trades
  • Provides void for services
  • Proven durability of resilient polymer based fibre layer
  • Proven acoustic performance

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