Acoustic Applications

Saddle System Principles
Danskin Saddle Flooring Systems are dry floating floors which provide an easily levelled understructure for supporting chipboard, plywood and hardwood flooring. They can be used in domestic and commercial applications and can also contribute significantly to the acoustic performance of floors.

It is very common for cast insitu concrete floors and precast concrete planks to be uneven. Both have cambers and deflection characteristics which necessitate the packing of timber floating floors to achieve a level floor finish. Danskin's patented range of Saddle Flooring Systems solve this problem by providing an easy and accurate method of levelling a timber floating floor over an uneven subfloor without the need for levelling screeds.

Compliance with the Building Regulations
The sound insulation of party floors is a necessary requirement of the Building Regulations. Methods of satisfying the Regulations are set out in Approved Document E in England and Wales, Part H of the Technical Standards in Scotland and Technical Booklet G in Northern Ireland. In Scotland, from May 2005, guidance is set out in Section 5 of a revised Technical Handbook.

The Danskin Acoustic Saddle System contributes significantly to the reduction of impact and airborne sound through party floors. When used with appropriate structural floor and ceiling constructions it has been independently demonstrated to meet the performance standards of the Building Regulations in Scotland, Northern Ireland, England and Wales. In addition it has been approved for use as an FFT2 floating floor in many Robust Detail constructions. In addition the construction of Robust Details can provide a method of compliance in certain countries.

Performance Data Sheets are available on request showing sound test information for the Danskin Saddle System in conjunction with different structural floor and ceiling combinations. In FFT2 Robust Detail testing Danskin Saddle Systems achieved a minimum performance of ΔLw 22dB. Danskin also provide a Specification Questionnaire which can help ensure that, where available, appropriate test certification can be provided.

of Danskin Acoustic Saddle Systems

  • FFT2 compliant for many Robust Detail floors
  • Quick and easy levelling of uneven floors
  • Patented colour coded, interlocking packers speed up installation
  • Effective reduction of impact and airborne sound
  • Eliminates wet trades
  • Weight saving compared to screeds can reduce foundation costs
  • Accurate packing reduces creaking floors
  • Provides void for services, insulation or underfloor heating

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