System components

Danskin Park BearersDanskin Park Bearers
Park Bearers comprise softwood battens 47mm (Nom.) wide by 1800mm long with a specially developed resilient foam strip 9mm thick adhered to the underside. They can be preservative treated if required. Standard heights including the 9mm insulant are 31mm, 45mm, 54mm, 61mm and 70mm. Other sizes are available to order.

Danskin Flanking StripDanskin Flanking Strip
This is placed at the perimeter of each floor. The 6mm thick preformed “L” shaped acoustic foam is supplied in strips 1.8m long and packed in bags containing 100 linear metres. The innovative “L” shape makes the flanking strip easy to fit and one size fits all floors. It is lightly trapped between the bottom of the skirting and the top of the flooring board with the excess neatly trimmed off.

Danskin Acoustic Quilt (As required)Danskin Acoustic Quilt (As required)
Where required to achieve a particular acoustic performance Danskin can supply acoustic quilt. 25mm thick, the quilt has a density of 36kg/m2 and is paper faced on one side. Each roll is 1200mm wide x 10 metres long.


Design Approach

Performance Requirement

Measured Performance

Guidance / Specified Construction


England & Wales ADE Floor Type 1 (Para 3.28)

Minimum ΔLw 17dB to BS EN ISO 140-8:1998

17dB for minimum 31 high Park bearer

Scotland Technical Handbook Section 5 Floor Type 1 - Soft Covering

Minimum ΔLw 17dB to BS EN ISO 140-8:1998

17dB for minimum 31 high Park bearer

Robust Detail Constructions



Minimum ΔLw 17dB on Appendix D floor

21dB for FFT3 bearer (54mm high)
24dB for FFT1 bearer (75mm high)



Own Design / ADE 2003



Impact & Airborne sound site measurements as required by Building Regulations

Where available, refer to Performance Data Sheets for test results on similar constructions.

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