Timber or steel

Subfloor Preparation
The building must be weatherproof and completely dried out before commencing installation of flooring.

In a timber joisted floor Danskin Reflex Bearers must be supported by the structural joists to maintain the strength of the floor. They may run either directly above or perpendicular to the joists. The surface on which the bearers rest must be flat and level. The capacity of existing joists to carry the weight of a secondary floating floor system must be checked prior to installation.

Areas of Heavy Loading
In areas where heavy loadings are anticipated (such as kitchens and bathrooms) centres should be reduced to 300mm between the Danskin Reflex Bearers to provide additional support. On areas of concentrated loads such as beneath baths, W.C.’s and kitchen appliances Danskin High Load Bearers can be supplied to provide additional support. High Load Bearers should only be used for isolated support and not laid in general areas as they do not provide acoustic insulation.

Where lightweight non loadbearing partitions are built from the top of the floating floor a double row of Reflex Bearers should be placed beneath the partitions. If the line of a partition does not fall above a structural joist a supporting ladder frame of Reflex Bearers should be created.

Perimeter Bearers
Place Danskin Reflex Bearers around the perimeter of the room approximately 50mm away from the wall.

Typical Details - Joisted Floors

Perimeter detail - Timber Frame

Staggering of Relfex Bearers

Support of non-loadbearing partitions

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