All sub floors

Danskin Reflex Bearers are designed for installation on generally even subfloors. The surfaces of decks, screeds or concrete subfloors must be sufficiently level to meet relevant Codes of Practice.

The provision of access to services is most successful if the location of services is detailed at an early stage. Services should be kept at least 150mm away from walls to allow space for perimeter bearers. The height of bearers must be adequate to provide clearance for services. It is recommended to allow at least 10mm above the height of the services to allow for clearance and the deflection of the resilient layer. Do not notch bearers where services cross. Place bearers on either side of the services leaving a gap of 25mm on either side. Service runs should not be more than 350mm wide. Gaps where services penetrate the floor should be filled with an acoustic sealant.

Spacings and Loadings
Bearer centres must not exceed 400mm for 18mm chipboard or 600mm for 22mm chipboard. Bearer centres are based on a Uniformly distributed load of 1.5kN/m2 and Concentrated load of 1.4kN as specified for self contained, single family dwelling units in accordance with BS6399-1 : 1996.

Expansion Provision
Perimeter gaps of a minimum of 10mm should be provided between the chipboard edge and any rigid upstand such as walls or columns. Perimeter gaps for large floor areas should be based on a gap at each end of 2mm per metre run of floor. For floors over 5m in length, additional intermediate expansion joints should be considered.

Communal Areas in Flats
BS6399 : 1996 imposes more onerous load bearing requirements for communal areas in certain designs of flatted developments. Concentrated load requirements over the long term can be as high as 4.5kN. The maximum capacity of 22mm chipboard at reduced centres is 2.7kN. If it is intended to lay Danskin Reflex Bearers in communal areas in flats such as common corridors, hallways, stairs and landings it is essential to contact Danskin for specific advice regarding the floor boarding and component centres.

Ceramic Tiles
In accordance with BS 5268 base floors require to be stiff to carry ceramic tiles. However acoustic floors are designed to deflect vertically in order to absorb impact sound. Contact Danskin for advice on measures to minimise the risk of cracking.

Storage Heaters
Storage heaters are considered to be an extraordinary loading and will require support direct from the sub-floor, independent of the flooring system. Danskin's Technical Department is available to provide advice where required.

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